I, ___________________, have read the attached power of attorney and am the person identified as the Agent for the Principal. I hereby acknowledge that when I act as Agent or "attorney in fact,' I am given power under this Durable Power of Attorney to make decisions about money, property, or both belonging to the Principal, and to spend the Principal's money, property, or both on the Principal's behalf, in accordance with the terms of this Durable Power of Attorney. This Durable Power of Attorney is valid only if the Principal is of sound mind when the Principal signs it. When acting in the capacity of Agent, I am under a duty (called a "fiduciary duty') to observe the standards observed by a prudent person, which means the use of those powers that is reasonable in view of the interests of the Principal and in view of the way in which a person of ordinary judgment would act in carrying out that person's own affairs. If the exercise of my acts is called into question, the burden will be upon me to prove that I acted under the standards of a fiduciary. As the Agent, I am not entitled to use the money or property for my own benefit or to make gifts to myself or others unless the Durable Power of Attorney specifically gives me the authority to do so. As the Agent, my authority under this Durable Power of Attorney will end when the Principal dies and I will not have authority to manage or dispose of any property or administer the estate unless I am authorized to do so by a New Hampshire Probate Court. If I violate my fiduciary duty under this Durable Power of Attorney, I may be liable for damages and may be subject to criminal prosecution. If there is anything about this Durable Power of Attorney, or my duties under it, that I do not understand, I understand that I should seek professional advice.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF,   I have signed my name this _______ day of  ________________,  20____.


________________________                        ________________________________




STATE OF _________________________


COUNTY OF  ________________________


            The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me on this  _______  day of ___________, 20__


                                     Notary Public/Justice of the peace

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